The Scottish Affairs Select Committee

Scottish affairs was a group that was set up back in 1992. It is a forum that leads when it comes to Scottish politics, as they continuously debate current affairs in Scotland. Before this group was founded, the predecessor was the Scottish government Yearbooks, whom were responsible for the publishing of the unit for the study of the government in Scotland. This was between 1976 and 1992. Prior to the forum being set up.

When Did Politics Start To Change In Scotland?

In the 1990’s politics in Scotland started to change significantly. The Scottish parliament was setup, and there was a lot of debate about parliament, that carried on until 1999. This then brought about the need for politics to be completely reshuffled in Scotland and a complete shake up and a reform on politics happened. This focus was both around the political side of matters, and of course the policies and what went on in and around Scottish society.

What Do The Scottish Affairs Select Committee Do?

Committee imageThe Scottish Affairs Select Committee focus on all the political matters that take place in and around Scotland. The committee publishes articles about small nations and regions in Europe that are very similar to Scotland. They help people to be able to read about social and political matters, and of course, they have used the experience that Scotland has been through, to help to offer guidance for other nations! The articles are very in depth and cover all aspects of society, literally not leaving a stone unturned.

Politics in Scotland Is a Very Sensitive Issue

Politics in Scotland is a very wide debate at the moment, particularly because of the recent referendum where the Scottish people voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. The government of the UK allowed Scottish voters to take to the polling stations and place their votes about whether or not they thought it was necessary to be able to stay part of the UK, or of course, if the people of Scotland wanted to separate the two nations. It was a very close call, and a lot of issues were addressed during the voting time.

Clearly showcasing that the people of Scotland have a lot of mixed feeling as to whether they should in fact remain a part of the UK. Or, of course separate themselves, and become Scotland, and England. It was very upsetting for some as English people have long thought that the 2 nations were in fact one and that Scottish politics was something to do with English politics. It was not just a case of who wears the kilt because a lot of educated individuals took to voice their opinions on the whole say yes to Scotland vote, and it created a massive stir in politics! It really was a very close call and clearly put into the open a lot of issues that had been discussed in papers that the Scottish Affairs group have been talking about and publishing prior to the vote.

The Role of The Committee Is To Address Issues Openly

The committee pays a huge role in ensuring that voices of the Scottish people are voiced correctly and that they are heard. They take a stand whereby they focus both on journalism and academic analysis.

Readers and contributors to this publication are a wide array of people in society, from journalists, civil servants, politicians, academics and more! All of the contributors have a lot of interest in current affairs in and around Scotland. In recent months since the vote, these political debates have become extremely interesting and have a wide following. It is definitely something that is worth reading.