Privacy Policy

This is a legal document revealing the intimate privacy policy for this website. In accordance to the policy listed in the document we have clearly listed the ways in which your information will be dealt with when you visit our site and view the content that is displayed on here.
We take the privacy of all of our visitors very seriously, and any one that visits here can rest assured that their private details are in safe hands. We do not, collect any personal information about you, nor do we collect any cookie information from your browsers, or our browsers. When it comes to selling your information to third parties, this terminology does not apply to our visitors because we again, stress that no information is taken from visitors to the site.

Cookie Information

There are no cookies used on site, and we do not use any info from advertisement based cookies either. So you do not have to worry about any of your privacy being revealed or stored and passed onto anyone else.

Distribution of Your Information

We do not; pass on any of the information obtained from visits to the site to third parties. We do not engage in the selling and trading of data from visitors that come to the site, and we do not take any timings, browser information, or internet service provider information either. As far as we are concerned, the sole purpose of gaining visits to the site is so that we can help to better inform visitors about the issues raised on the site, and we have no intention to take anything other than what we want to give to you by visiting!

Security is Serious!

We take extra security measurements to ensure that your info is safe and if you need any assistance simply contact us, and let us know. Not only do we take measures to protect you online, we also ensure that when the site is offline, information is safeguarded.

We use the most up-to-date technology to keep you safe at all costs, and the only information that you will submit to us is what you have voluntarily handed over from your own free will either by emailing or contacting us onsite.

All of the information that is transmitted to us is in complete confidence and the customer service staff that work with us are not permitted to store, any information of yours whatsoever. We recommend that you check our privacy policy further when making other visits to the site, as we are permitted to update the policy as and when we see fit to do so. It is your responsibility to make sure that you check back and maintain that the information here is up-to-date and you are aware of the policy that is in place, at the current time you are browsing the site. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Make sure that you come back again and check back for updates!